“You inspire, we create”
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Go Figure

is a full service digital production agency located in Utrecht the center of the Netherlands. We specialize in digital video series and content.

For over ten years we have been working with professional brands, broadcasters, YouTube and influencers. Combining your story and insights with our creative services, statistic strategy and data we develop custom tailored digital content for your audience.

You Inspire, We Create.

We believe that with true vision and imagination; every story has greatness to it.


In a result driven market that’s all about growth and numbers, most brands are caught up in their product or service. Obviously there goes a lot of time in developing a brand. In this age however, only emotive brands are the once’s that stick to the memories of your audience. They may forget what you did, but they will never forget the way it made them feel. That’s where we come in.


We work with a broad network of creators that have a diverse range of specialties. Whether your brand is in need of a commercial, social media content or customer testimonials Go Figure provides the complete package. We specialise in digital campaigns and video formats. Our production capabilities are scalable to suit each project or budget.


Your content needs to stand out and make an impact. Strategy is and always will be your strongest weapon. That’s why our work doesn’t stop when the production is done. We help you build a content strategy that makes a lasting impact on your audience. We provide professional content management and optimisation that will increase engagement,